Retailers Signed up to the Retailer Charter

rwafretailcharterlogo (6K) We will no longer be able to allow the use of any version of our logo by any organisation or individual other than the RWAF. This includes the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (company limited by guarantee #10044925) and Rabbit Welfare Fund (charitable incorporated organisation #1167093).

We are in the process of reviewing and withdrawing our logo wherever it is currently used externally. There will be a period of adjustment where you may see our our logo in use in the interim.

We regret having to take this step, knowing that members, rescues etc. like to show their support for us by displaying the supporters logo, for example, but some unfortunate cases of misuse have made this action unavoidable. To put this into context, this is standard practice amongst charities and welfare organisations.

If you see our logo displayed anywhere, please do get in touch so we can make arrangements for it to be withdrawn.

All of the companies listed below have been given permission to use our logo in the past, and we are reviewing this with each one in the near future.

Handmade- Hutches-4U

Please welcome Handmade- Hutches-4U to the retailer charter. This is what Beverley told us:

Rabbits need to be able to have plenty enough room to be able to exercise, play, sleep, relax and go to the toilet but most of all they need to be able to feel safe.

Rabbits need to be able to rest, sleep, eat and drink in comfort. Exercise, play and feel safe. Shelter from all types of bad weather and the hot sun too.

Having a good size Hutch and run and having lots of love and time for your rabbits is the first stage on making a suitable health happy environment for your Rabbit.

We support 'A Hutch is not enough' campaign because their priority is to make sure rabbits are treated the same as their owners would expect to be treated. Afterall a human would not like to be left in a small box and just thrown food and drink once a day so why should rabbits and every other animal too be treated like that. Beverley Lees

They can make anything bespoke so get in touch if you have something in mind!

Manor Pet Housing

The latest signing is Manor Pet Housing, who offer a range of delightful hide outs and enrichment items. There is sure to be something that you love! This is what Liz told us:

Manor pet housing specialise in bespoke craftsmanship to create good quality products that are built to last as pet homes.

We have many of our own designs, but are also happy to work with you to create an exact made to measure home/setup/enclosure to fit into the space you have.

We currently do not keep rabbits ourselves, however when I was a child I was guilty to owning a rabbit that was kept in just a hutch!. If only I knew then what I know now, that rabbits life, could have been so If only I knew then what I know now, that rabbits life, could have been so much more!!

With that in mind we are now building these rabbit hideouts and enrichments to help you as rabbit owners create a more suitable environment for your pet, one that promotes the rabbit to have the ability to perform natural movements such as hopping, jumping and stretching out, foraging behaviours such as digging, and places to hide from things that scare them.

We want to work with existing owners, perspective owners and the RWAF organisation to increase awareness that rabbit welfare is extremely important.

To be able to educate people that if you do not fully research a rabbits requirements they will be indirectly causing pain, suffering, injury and disease through poor husbandry skills and lack of knowledge.

Rabbits are intelligent animals, therefore if allowed to get bored and lonely with nothing to do, their health will suffer. That is simply the reason as to why Manor Pet Housing chooses to support 'A Hutch Is Not Enough Campaign'

A website is coming, but in the mean time please check out their facebook page!

Perticular Pens

Perticular Pens offer something a bit different and are working with rehoming charities to produce welfare freidnly accommodation in their centres. This is what they told us:

At Peticular we wanted to put our support behind the A Hutch is Not Enough Campaign help to highlight the misinformation regarding rabbit welfare and dedicate ourselves to improving the accommodation currently available.

Working closely with charities to help improve conditions for rescue rabbits we hope to educate potential owners in the care and welfare that rabbits not only need but deserve.

As a former rabbit owner I understand the needs of what we feel is a misunderstood animal that needs as much, if not more care than any other pet and endeavour to exceed the current recommendations conscience of the rabbits welfare during their time at the rescue centres.

At Peticular we will not design, sell or encourage any animal housing that falls below the recommended standard but will openly promote the thesis behind the A Hutch Is Not Enough Campaign and continue to champion the RAWF's cause.

What they offer is bespoke, so why not check out their website to see if there is something that you think your bunnies would appreciate!

The Binky Shop

The Binky Shop is passionate about rabbit welfare and enrichment. We actively promote a hutch is not enough, by educating and encouraging our customers to purchase quality hutches, minimum of 6 x 2 x 2, and having a run of at least 8ft. We promote this daily by sharing information and pictures of the Binky Shop bunnies in their own and hutch and pen environment.

The Binky shop also advocates stimulation and enrichment on the back of the hutch is not enough campaign. Educating and enriching rabbit owners with information and knowledge about stimulating natural rabbit behaviours through toys and food, so they may start to provide more enrichment ideas for their own rabbits. The Binky Shop Ltd would be proud to work alongside the RWAF and spread the importance of welfare to rabbit owners.

The Binky toys aim to encourage natural behaviours such as, periscoping, stretching, foraging, digging, using the senses, problem solving and enhancing memory.

Ingleby Pet Supplies

Ingleby Pet Supplies are happy to sign up to the RWAF retailer charter as we realise the importance of giving your rabbits the best home and environment possible.

We are rabbit owners ourselves and have 4 happy bunnies at home!

We are constantly looking for new suppliers for our small animal department and hope to carry on expanding our offering of rabbit accommodation over the coming months.

Ingleby Pet Supplies will continue to educate our customers on rabbit welfare issues by promoting the Hutch Is Not Enough campaign in store.

Les Garnham

Les Garnham is a carpenter and joiner and runs a small carpentry company called Complete Carpentry. He has more than 17 years experience and an eye for quality. This is what he told us

I have recently been made aware of your association and feel that I can help with the welfare of rabbits in the public domain. I have made some bespoke runs and converted sheds into hutches, of which well exceed the minimum requirements. I do not stock any runs or hutches, I purely make to order, after consulting the prospective client, with my experience and love for animals I feel that every animal should be able to live in conditions suitable for their needs. On my website it shows an example of some of my work or

I feel that I can make a real difference to the welfare of rabbits as I make these bespoke hutches and runs encouraging the owners to give their rabbits the best. I am more than happy to follow and adhere to the retailer charter and promote "A hutch is not enough" campaign."

Grandad Rob Designs.

For those of you that want that something a bit different why not look at this website:

This is what Grandad Rob told us:

We 'set out our stall' back in 1979, when my wife and I started to design, build & sell, pet, poultry and dove housing.

The first criteria we set ourselves back then was, that above all others, be it cost, size, or aesthetics, everything we made had to (and still has to) acknowledge and pander to the occupants 'animal instincts'. Plus keep them warm, dry and secure.

I gladly sign up to the RWAF 's A HUTCH IS NOT ENOUGH CHARTER , because firstly I whole heartedly agree, and secondly because its been my trading ethos for more than three decades of designing building and selling pet housing.

UK Avairies

RWAF are delighted to announce another signing to our retailer charter. UK Aviaries have removed from sale anything smaller than 4ft x 2ft x 2ft within 2 hours of our conversation - can't get much better than that!

Stuart, who has owned UK Aviaries for the last 9 years, got in touch with us after some feedback from a local rabbit rescue about his rabbit hutches and was actually shocked to learn about the welfare implications of small rabbit hutches and problems that they can cause.

We hope that you will support Stuart, and our other charter members when making a purchase. Stuart told us ' I am not a rabbit keeper and I believed that rabbits lived happily in hutches eating carrots all day. Now that I know different I am shocked that hutches that are unsuitable can be sold. UK Aviaries will not be doing this any more because we have signed up to the RWAF Retailer Charter and we are 100% behind the 'A hutch is not enough' campaign. We made the change to range that we offer within hours of talking to RWAF. Although we sell hutches we also sell kennels with runs which make brilliant rabbit accommodation too, and we can offer a discount to any rescue registered as a charity.

So if you fancy something a bit different for your rabbits have a look what UK Aviaries can offer.

Moore Space for Pets

I set up my business " Moore Space For Pets" last year with the passion of being able to make high quality yet affordable enclosures and runs which would enable people to give their pets the room they need to be happy and healthy at an affordable price.

The welfare of rabbits is very important as is the welfare of every other animal and pet. I think many pet owners need educating regarding the minimum care needed when purchasing animals and to understand they are living creatures and not just cute pets that after time may become a hindrance to families who often regret purchasing them.

To educate potential rabbit owners that they need to clean, exercise and interact with their new pets and also follow guidance from the RWAF is of upmost importance when I sell and promote the products I sell.

Kelly's Pet Supplies

We think it is important to sell the right products to our customers because: It is very important us to sell products which comply with the standards of living which rabbits and small need to live happy and healthy lives. By selling the correct products only we hope to encourage customers to buy hutches which allow adequate living space, and limit customers from buying inadequate products for their rabbits. We also understand that educating customers allows them to make a more fully informed choice, and as many pet owners do love their pet, when they are presented with information on how to improve the life of their pet we find they are very welcoming of this information.

Whites Pet Centre

We at Whites Pet Centre think that working in conjunction with RWAF we can educate more people to the needs of rabbits, who are the most misunderstood pet in the UK. We have also taken the step of working with Ani-mates rescue centre and are re-homing rabbits in conjunction with them, to their home check standards. We believe by selling the right products and giving the right information we can improve the welfare of the rabbits that leave our store, thereby ensuring they are as loved and cared for when they leave us, as they are in our care.

Please visit our facebook page for details about our store and rabbits that are looking for homes:

Di and Liz

Boyles Pet Housing.

We manufacture quality pet housing as we believe our pets deserve the very best in life and that's why we manufacture our pet housing to benefit our pets. We want our pets to have something truly amazing and something they will enjoy. We are signing up to the Charter because we believe all animals especially rabbits deserve the very best in life, having two rabbits ourselves we can see how much better their quality of life is by providing them with plenty of space to exercise. We support the RWAF and hope to help spread the word that a Hutch is Not Enough.

All our products are built in the UK by qualified Joiners and we design and manufacture all of our own products using PEFC and FSC certified timber.


Chicubes is a family run business based at Brook works in Staffordshire.

We have been designing and manufacturing animal houses as well as other products since the 1950's.

In 2011 we launched our new range of Chicube branded plastic rabbit hutches and are currently working on expanding our range. Most recently we designed our new range of wooden rabbit hutches branded as Britanimals.

When designing our animal houses we have four main criteria which we ensure we include 1. usability, functionality and practicality 2. animal welfare and comfort 3. good value for money 4. aesthetic design. When we launched our Chicube brand of houses for hens we carefully considered what essential things hens needed to be happy and to be healthy. When designing our rabbit hutches we also did the same, we used the dimensions as set out by the Rabbit Welfare Association and used these across all of our ranges. It was extremely important to us to make sure that any hutch that we design and sell is suitable for the rabbits that will live in them, this is why we were eager to join and support the charity and be part of their retail charter.

Note - Chicubes also produce exercise runs

The Welfare Hutch Company

As our business name suggests, we are focused on the welfare of small animals. This extends not just to hutches and runs but also to enrichment products that provide stimuli and replicate as far as possible a small animals natural environment. For rabbits we only sell hutches that are of a minimum size of 6ft long and 2ft deep. As we manufacture all our own hutches, runs and enrichment products, we are able to provide solutions to most customers space requirements as well as ensure that new adoptees procure the right accommodation for their new pets and meet any home check requirements. We can also offer practical help to first time owners.

We can be contacted on 0151 355 7398

Haddenham Garden Centre

Haddenham Garden Centre, who will be updating their website shortly but are currently selling a range that meets RWAF charter guideines in store. Becky told us:

The main reason for us signing up to the charter is because I believe it is so important for the welfare of rabbits, and also guinea pigs. There are unfortunately too many people who buy small animals on impulse without knowing what they need for them or how much care is involved. By teaming up with RWAF, we can ensure that people are being advised correctly and are therefore giving their pet the life (and space) it deserves. Hopefully, by raising awareness, it will also reduce the number of small animals that get taken to rescues every year.

4 Little Paws

I first became aware of the plight of pet rabbits after getting my first 2 rabbits, 2 years ago, from a friend of a friend who had an "accidental litter". As I researched their needs I discovered there was an awful lot of contradictory information out there. I joined RWAF as it seemed to be the only source of reliable information. Since having my two bunnies, I have learnt so much about rabbits and their wonderful characters. It makes me so sad that some rabbits still spend their lives alone in a hutch at the bottom of the garden. Having seen first hand the love my two rabbits have for each other and the enjoyment they get from being together, I became really passionate about supporting RWAF's A Hutch is Not Enough campaign, and set about trying to find a joiner who could build extra large hutches and runs, meeting the RWAF recommendations. I'm so pleased to be able to launch my new range and commit wholeheartedly to never selling any hutch smaller that 6ft x 2ft x 2ft for rabbits and no run shorter than 8ft. I'd be very proud to say that I'm part of the RWAF's retailer charter and hope that many more suppliers follow suit soon, as there are far too many small hutches available to buy out there. I was also extremely sad to learn that there are at least 33,000 rabbits in rescues in the UK, and that despite being the third most popular pet, they are the most neglected and misunderstood. I do not think this is acceptable and have put links to RWAF advice sheets on my website, and hand out RWAF leaflets to all my boarding customers, to try to help raise awareness. I also help a local rabbit and guinea pig rescue by fostering and rehoming rabbits on their behalf.

Rabbit Shack

Rabbit Shack has a long history of manufacturing and distributing quality wooden animal housing across the UK. They have recently launched a brand new range of larger, 6ft rabbit hutches with attachable exercise runs. Some of their new range is also made in the UK from responsibly sourced FSC timber. The website is for trade customers only. As trade suppliers Rabbit Shack have not signed up to the retailer charter, but have worked with RWAF to produce a retailer charter approved range.

Super Pet Shack

Super Pet Shack offer a wide range of pet housing. They have large Rabbit Shack hutches and runs for sale on their website and offer free delivery and a 30 day money back guarantee with every purchase.

Pet Planet

At the majority of our staff own pets and as a team we care deeply about animal welfare. We have always taken ethical policy very seriously, refusing to sell products such as electric shock collars and 'choke chains' from day one. In recent years we have become concerned about the welfare issues associated with sizing of rabbit hutches but also recognised that the market for the smaller 'standard' hutch was so established that a programme of customer education was required if we were to change buying habits. As a result we now include information on our website to try to encourage consumers to better understand the needs of their rabbits and the welfare implications of keeping rabbits alone and/or in hutches that are too small. However, we still feel there is more we could be doing so we have partnered with the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF) to help us develop our range and the information we provide to customers. We are excited about this partnership and hope that by working with the RWAF we can help improve the welfare of pet rabbits in the UK.

Monster Pet Supplies

Monster pet supplies are the first major on-line retailer to sign up and we are thrilled. They told us 'We are committed supporters of the RWAF's 'Hutch is not Enough' campaign and have worked hard with our suppliers to offer a range of hutches which enable owners to give their pet rabbits the vital space they need to exercise, explore and display their natural behaviours'

Runabout Runs

Runabout may not sell hutches but they do sell lovely big exercise runs, which are big enough to put a hutch is and made a nice secure living area for your rabbits. Colin, the owner has this to say:

I believe rabbits need alot of space to be able to fulfil their natural instincts and the provision of a large runs is essential to meet these requirements and to provide sufficient space for the inclusion of tunnels / boxes etc to enrich their habitat. Looking forward to working together.

And, if you mention RWAF when you order they will make a donation to us too - so everyone should be happy.


Runaround have invented a brilliant modular system that links any hutch to any run, but also a range of very sturdy tunnels, boxes and runs that will allow you to create a fantastic environment for your bunnies. The only limit is your imagination! We have worked with runaround on several projects and although they do not sell hutches, they firmly support our ' A hutch is not enough' campaign.


Notcutts offer a nationwide delivery service and have a range of products including a 6ft hutch with a great height, allowing rabbits to rear up fully, with an integral run, making it easy for you to allow your bunnies to exercise, or shelter when they please.

Burns Nutrition

Rabbits are one of the most popular pets yet they are sadly misunderstood. The traditional view of rabbit care is seriously outdated and we are pleased to be able to help promote better understanding of their needs. With this in mind, and with the guidance of our resident rabbit expert, we have designed two hutches which provide a good base for rabbit residences. At present the hutches are only available at our Carmarthen pet shop, Burns @ Pets Corner, due to prohibitive delivery costs. or telephone 01267 232181

Animal Magic Pet Supplies

Animal Magic donate some proceeds to rabbit rescue so treat your own rabbit and help those in rescue at the same time.
They also offer a generous 15% off your first order using the code AMRW66

The Rabbit Hutch Shop

The 6ft hutch and 8ft run combo that we recommend as a minimum is available from The Rabbit Hutch Shop.

Ryedale Pet Homes

Rob makes very high quality rabbit hutches to order and can make anything bespoke. An attached run can be ordered at the time of ordering the hutch. Please discuss your requirements with Rob.

The Big Pet Store

This pet shop doesn't sell rabbits, and the owner is a member of the RWAF. They are based in West Midlands, mail order coming soon.


UKrabbithutches sell 6, 7 and 8 foot hutches and runs at resonable prices and can also make bespoke items to your own specifications. Everything is available mail order. Please check out Dave's website: