Retailers Signed up to the Retailer Charter

rwafretailcharterlogo (6K) We will no longer be able to allow the use of any version of our logo by any organisation or individual other than the RWAF. This includes the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (company limited by guarantee #10044925) and Rabbit Welfare Fund (charitable incorporated organisation #1167093).

We are in the process of reviewing and withdrawing our logo wherever it is currently used externally. There will be a period of adjustment where you may see our our logo in use in the interim.

We regret having to take this step, knowing that members, rescues etc. like to show their support for us by displaying the supporters logo, for example, but some unfortunate cases of misuse have made this action unavoidable. To put this into context, this is standard practice amongst charities and welfare organisations.

If you see our logo displayed anywhere, please do get in touch so we can make arrangements for it to be withdrawn.

We are in the process of reviewing the use of logo and the companies included.

Manor Pet Housing

The latest signing is Manor Pet Housing, who offer a range of delightful hide outs and enrichment items. There is sure to be something that you love! This is what Liz told us:

Manor pet housing specialise in bespoke craftsmanship to create good quality products that are built to last as pet homes.

We have many of our own designs, but are also happy to work with you to create an exact made to measure home/setup/enclosure to fit into the space you have.

We currently do not keep rabbits ourselves, however when I was a child I was guilty to owning a rabbit that was kept in just a hutch!. If only I knew then what I know now, that rabbits life, could have been so If only I knew then what I know now, that rabbits life, could have been so much more!!

With that in mind we are now building these rabbit hideouts and enrichments to help you as rabbit owners create a more suitable environment for your pet, one that promotes the rabbit to have the ability to perform natural movements such as hopping, jumping and stretching out, foraging behaviours such as digging, and places to hide from things that scare them.

We want to work with existing owners, perspective owners and the RWAF organisation to increase awareness that rabbit welfare is extremely important.

To be able to educate people that if you do not fully research a rabbits requirements they will be indirectly causing pain, suffering, injury and disease through poor husbandry skills and lack of knowledge.

Rabbits are intelligent animals, therefore if allowed to get bored and lonely with nothing to do, their health will suffer. That is simply the reason as to why Manor Pet Housing chooses to support 'A Hutch Is Not Enough Campaign'

A website is coming, but in the mean time please check out their facebook page!