wendy house A hutch is not enough...

So how about converting your garden shed?

A hutch should be a shelter and not a permanent or the sole living area for a rabbit. Many rabbit owners convert their garden sheds for their rabbits.

We hope this may give you some ideas for your own conversion.

jumping rabbit  (26K)You could have your rabbits jumping for joy!

converted shed There are benefits to both owners and rabbits to converting your garden shed to be their accommodation.

Its easier to clean out and feed in a shed in cold or wet weather, it can be used for storage for food and hay, and it gives the rabbits a larger area to live in which is much better for them.

In this photo the shed floor is lined with lino, to stop any urine or water rotting the floor. There is also a hutch in the shed so the rabbits should be extra warm, and they can jump on top of the hutch and sit on it, as well as come in and out of it as they please.

There is a nice litter tray filled with hay in here, as well as lots of hay in the hutch.

There is plenty of room for rabbit toys too.

The shed door has an inner wire door for ventilation, This is important; the door should be open to allow fresh air and ventilation, and to stop the rabbits from escaping, and any unwanted visitors entering.

converted shed So its possible still to close the doors at night, or very cold or wet weather, but let air and sunlight in during the day.

Even when the doors are closed, holes have been drilled along the top of them to allow air to circulate and windows allow daylight in.

Remember that rabbits should not be kept alone, and a shed provides much more space for a pair, or group of rabbits

wendy house A child’s wendy house has been converted for 2 lucky bunnies

wendy house And a run attached to the side, did you know rabbits could use cat flaps?!

wendy house And inside, the food, toys and hay. Again the floor is lined to preserve it.

wendy house Another converted shed with a box leading to an attached safe enclosed exercise area.

converted shed with run This shed also has a run attached to the side, so the rabbits can exercise or shelter when they please.

feature shed A bunny shed can be a nice feature in your garden, as well as providing a great environment for the rabbits.

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