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For the past 3 years we have been running a 'Hutch and Run' competition for retailers and manufacturers with a view to encouraging improvements in the standards of the products available for rabbits. We now feel as if there are enough options available to retailers to offer the correct products to their customers and there is certainly enough information out there for retailers to provide sound advice to their customers.

We may well return to the scheme in future because we know that we have to keep on top of how the industry considers welfare standards in its product ranges.

But for now we want to try something different. We understand from our members, social media, rabbit savvy vets and some rescues, that there are some retailers who are taking their welfare responsibilities seriously. These responsiblities include selling accommodation that meets the rabbits' needs, giving correct advice on bonding, neutering, vaccinations, and diet, linking up with their local vet and promoting the adoption of rescue rabbits. We would like to hear about these retailers so we can use them as examples of good pratice to other retailers and show them that good welfare is good business, and that by considering welfare standards, knowledgeable, loyal and rabbit owners will become knowledgeable, loyal and profitable customers! It may be that your retailer does a lot of things right but doesn't tick ALL of the welfare boxes, but we would like to hear about them anyway.

Sadly, we are also all too aware that there are still a huge amount of retailers who do not consider the long term welfare of the animals that they either sell, or sell products for. It is still too common for a retailer to happily sell a single rabbit, a bag of muesli and a 3ft hutch and as we all know, this leads to misery, neglect and needless suffering. We want to hear about these retailers too because, quite frankly, we want to let everybody know who they are so they can be avoided. We want them to know that bad welfare is bad business.

So, over you to. You are the eyes and ears that see what is going on locally around you. Please nominate the good and bad retailers that you see during August 2014 and we will review them all and draw up a short list. We will be letting them know that they have been nominated and we will be sharing the results with Pet Trade Xtra, so that the Pet Industry is aware of the welfare problems that exist, as well as examples of where welfare is given the consideration it deserves.

This only applies to licenced pet stores, not unlicenced online sellers. That's a whole different front of the welfare war that we're fighting!

Nominations are open throughout August 2014 - you will need to visit the store and do some work in order to nominate them properly. All details must be up to date. When you visit make sure that you can see the store licence and find out who the Local Authority is that issue it, as we will need their details too.

We also need photos where possible, so if part of your nomination is that no hay is available, or that there are lovely big exercise runs for sale, we would like a photo for our records too.

Nominations will close on 31st August and we will be working on the results during September.

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A Hutch is not Enough

Rabbits need space to exercise!

Provide a large secure exercise area or run, this will allow you to give your rabbits toys such as tunnels and boxes so they can display their natural behaviours.

Click here to see examples

A Hutch is not Enough

Rabbits need a friend

Your rabbit should be housed with at least one other rabbit to satisfy its social nature. A rabbit living alone will have higher stress levels. For more advice on rabbit companionship see our Bunny Buddies leaflet

A Hutch is not enough

A song written and recorded by Maria Danes

The wonderful Maria Daines, has written and recorded a song for our 'a hutch is not enough' campaign. Please listen, and share. We can not thank Maria and the band enough for helping us to raise awareness of the plight that many thousands of pet rabbits face - casual neglect, or as Maria puts it... as 'garden ghosts'

A Hutch is not enough

Rabbits of both sexes should be neutered

2 happy bunnies

Neutering not only prevents unwanted litters but also reduces the risk of uterine cancer in females, reduces aggression in both sexes and enables pairs or groups to live harmoniously. See our Neutering leaflet

A Hutch is not enough

Rabbits need a natural based diet

feeding rabbit

A rabbit's diet should be at least 70% hay, 20% greens and fresh vegetables and 10% pellets such as Burgess Excel or Supreme Science Selective. 'Muesli' mixes should be avoided as they encourage selective feeding. See our Feeding leaflet

A Hutch is not enough

My rabbits live in an 8' x 4' enclosure, why do I need a large hutch?

rabbit in small hutch

In bad weather rabbits will need to stay warm and dry and won't have the luxury of exploring their enclosure. It can rain for days in the UK, so your rabbits could be confined to their hutch for long periods, so a weather-proof living area needs to be as large as possible.

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