'Hop To It' - A Full Guide to Keeping Rabbits (12MB)

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The RWAF, backed by its membership, do not just talk about rabbit welfare but actually 'do' something and have the ability to achieve things that individuals cannot. If you truly care about rabbits and want to 'actually' make a difference then you should be a member of the RWAF.
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Information leaflets
This section contains a wealth of advice including information leaflets produced by the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund. If you are looking for advice on any aspect of rabbit keeping; look here first.

Book Reviews
This section contains a list of books, sold through the RWAF shop, and reviewed by the the committee. If you want to deepen your knowledge about our favourite furry friends, the this is the section for you.

Rabbiting On Magazine
Rabbiting On is a full colour quarterly magazine devoted to the welfare and care of domestic rabbits in the UK. The magazine is distributed free to RWAF members and is an indispensible source of information about rabbits and includes an 'Ask the Experts' column, a health, behavioural, nutrition and houserabbits advice panel. View sample articles.

Rescue Rabbits
Around 67,000 rabbits end up in UK rescue centres each year. If you are thinking about getting a rabbit as a pet, please do the responsible thing and consider rehoming a rescue rabbit. Baby rabbits are cute, but older rabbits make excellent pets as many are already housetrained, neutered and vaccinated. This section links to Rabbit Rehome, an online resource, independent of the RWAF. Rabbit Rehome provides an easy way to find the rescue rabbit of your dreams, whereever you are and includes a nationwide rescue list compiled and maintained by the RWAF

Sponsor a rabbit - have a heart
Some rabbits that end up in rescue centres never get the chance to be re-homed. This can be for a variety of reasons: ill-health and behavioural problems to name but two. Rescue centres often have limited resources but still provide long-term care homes for many of their residents. For just £1 per week, you could sponsor a rabbit and help to give it the life you know it deserves. Go on, have a heart and sponsor a rabbit.

Rabbit Breeds
Rabbits are amazing little creatures, there are numerous different breeds and this section is a celebration of them all! The pet rabbit's continued attractiveness makes this a very popular section of the website. We firmly believe all breeders should be responsible, and as an organisation we are totally opposed to casual breeding.

Veterinary information
This section includes information on the RWAF veterinary referral clinic, based at Bristol; what to include in a rabbit first aid kit; how to choose the best vet for your bunny; and a rabbit-friendly vet list.

RWAF Vet Expert Advisor Request Form

Rabbit Behaviour Counsellors
As rabbits increase in popularity as pets, the study of rabbit behaviour becomes increasingly important as we strive to understand these fascinating and complex creatures. This section will help you to locate a qualified rabbit behaviour counsellor if your rabbit is displaying symptoms that you are unable to resolve on your own.

Talking to other rabbit owners can help to increase your knowledge about your own rabbit's health and welfare. This section contains links on how to join the RWAF 'First Alert' list, which helps keep you up-to-date about all rabbit-related aspects including warnings of VHD and Myxomatosis outbreaks, and our 'Active Members' Forum which seeks to find solutions to welfare problems in the UK which blight our furry friends. Together we can make a difference.

Bunny boarding list*
Going on holiday? Worried about who's going to take care of your rabbit in your absence? Look no further than the RWAF Bunny Boarding List. We'll do what we can to point you in the right direction to find a bunny carer.

Jaffa Club
We firmly believe that education is the key to ensuring that rabbits lead the lives they deserve.. The Jaffa Club for school children, was set up educate kids in a fun way about how to care for their rabbits properly. This section for Jaffa Club Members contains interactive games and/ advice leaflets written especially with kids in mind. How much do you know about rabbits? Try our fun quiz.

Pet bereavement counselling service
Under Development

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