Coping with rabbit bereavement

Losing a pet is never easy and is often made especially difficult if those around you don't understand the intensity of your grief. We recognise this and understand that you're going through a very rough time

Pet bereavement services can be offered by C.A.L.L.L. (Companion Animal Loss Listing Line) Tel: 0115 8400202 or email Christine

"People didn't expect me to grieve and became very impatient with my inability to just 'get over her'...just having someone to side with me and keep me company (even though she was just a voice on the phone) was such an amazing comfort. Sharing my grief and being able to talk about Shelley got me through."
Kate Webster

"You desperately need someone to talk you through the shock, someone who understands, who will comfort not disapprove of your tears. So you ring the bereavement line and at the end of the phone is a sympathetic ear, someone who will isten and help you to come to terms with your loss. In this no care society, a bereavement helpline is a wonderful privilege."
Angela Montgomery, Bristol.

Have you considered marking the loss of your pet by placing a tribute in our remembrance section? You will also find bereavement links such as Pet Crematoriums, pet funeral servicies and pet loss cards in that section.

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