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Rabbiting On - The Magazine for Rabbit Lovers

Most of our members think that Rabbiting On, our quarterly magazine, is worth the membership fee on its own! The glossy magazine is produced quarterly and distributed free of charge to our members - that's about 3,500 people, including rabbit rescue organisations and veterinary practices, who need to keep an eye on developments in rabbit health and medicine.

Rabbiting On is a fantastic read, with articles devoted to the care and welfare of domestic rabbits, balanced perfectly with fun and informative features, all wonderfully illustrated with glorious photos of our favourite furry friends.

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It really does have something for everyone with a love for rabbits. Flicking through it's pages you will find all the latest news of RWAF activities, cutting-edge information from our highly qualified experts on rabbit health, medicine, nutrition and behaviour, the latest bunny goodies for sale, readers' letters, articles that will make you laugh and cry, and pages of pictures of the most beautiful, and yet underestimated, animal in the world.

Advertisers see Rabbiting On as the place to reach people who really want to give their rabbit the best life possible, so it's a great resource for all the best bunny products on the market. We reckon that the passion for rabbits shown in the pages of Rabbiting On, both by the writers and the readers, is helping to push manufacturers into producing better quality products that allow rabbits to live a more fulfilled and happy life.

If you had the misfortune of missing any copies then there are back issues available. Numbers are limited so hurry to the shop to see which ones you can still get your paws on.

No rabbit-owner should be without it!



"Woe betide anyone who disturbs me whilst I am reading it..."

Toyah Wilcox


"The association magazine 'Rabbiting On' is both informative and entertaining and has helped me gain extra knowledge as to how to make my rabbit a healthy, happy houserabbit!"
Dave Williams

"Yeaeaeach I am so happy. I have just received my Rabbiting On magazine and it's great. The fact that it is written in English is even greater because it takes twice as long to read it. Thank you, thank you!"
Fre Deventer, The Netherlands

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